The Paradox of Long-term Planning for Social-Ecological Change

  • Bram Büscher
  • Elna de Beer
Schlagworte: Discourse-Practice Divide, Southern Africa, Social-Ecological Change


Long-term planning for social-ecological change is a paradox in the current neoliberal era. This paradox is illustrated through combining critical research and practical experience in a transfrontier conservation and development intervention in Southern Africa.


Bram Büscher
Bram Büscher is a project manager at the Centre for International Cooperation of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and is currently finalising his doctoral dissertation on the effects of neoliberalism on transfrontier conservation in Southern Africa.
Elna de Beer
Elna de Beer is a trainer with the Southern African Wildlife College and has been working with the Maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier Project as the Community Involvement Specialist since 2003.
Büscher, B., & de Beer, E. (2008). The Paradox of Long-term Planning for Social-Ecological Change. Ökologisches Wirtschaften - Fachzeitschrift, 23(2).