Governance for sustainable trade

  • Clive George
  • Colin Kirkpatrick
Schlagworte: impact assessment, international trade policy


Sustainability Impact Assessment is increasingly being used as a tool for assessing the consequences for sustainable development of international trade agreements. While theoretically, Sustainability Impact Assessment can make trade agreements more sustainable, in practice, difficulties are encountered in integrating the assessment findings into decision-making.


Clive George
Clive George is a Senior Research Fellow in the Impact Assessment Research Centre at the University of Manchester.
Colin Kirkpatrick
Colin Kirkpatrick is Professor of Development Economics at the University of Manchester, and Director of the Impact Assessment Research Centre in the University’s Institute for Development Policy and Management.
George, C., & Kirkpatrick, C. (2008). Governance for sustainable trade. Ökologisches Wirtschaften - Fachzeitschrift, 23(4).